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Want Crash to do a reading at your library during his Maine Library Tour 2012? Crash tells true stories from Tough Island. Contact us and we'll set a date.
Tough Island

124 page hardcover, $18.00 plus $5.00 s&h, sales tax exempt

In 1991, Crash Barry moved to Maine's most remote inhabited island to work as a sternman aboard a lobster boat. On Matinicus, twenty miles out to sea, population fifty, the ferry visited nine times a year and airplanes only landed when there was no fog, rain, snow, sleet or darkness. Tough Island is a gritty memoir and guided tour of a unique society inhabited by resourceful individuals and scoundrels. Stories of danger and drugs, sex and violence, death and sorrow, all unfold in a landscape of breathtaking beauty.

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Sex, Drugs and Blueberries
198 page paperback, $14.00 plus $5.00 s&h, sales tax exempt
  In the novel Sex, Drugs and Blueberries, failed Portland rocker Ben Franklin moves Down East with his poet wife to start a new life. Desperate for cash, Ben signs on for the Maine blueberry harvest where he's lured into a seamy world of sex and drugs that could lead to his downfall. Alternating between temptation and ecstasy, desperation and guilt, Ben discovers how quickly things can go wrong.  

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